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For the first time during his seven-year reign, Moncrief had to dust off the gavel and eject a few disrespectful protesters who kept interrupting proceedings to insist the discussion about the Rainbow Room raid was pushed to the very back of the agenda, as if to imply that was some sort of homophobic move by the city to “sweep it under the rug”. At one point, openly gay city councilman Joel Burns had requested that one of the protesters be removed due to their unwillingness to remain calm and allow the meeting to proceed in order.

The evening council meetings routinely run well past midnight if they have to, only adjourning when the last speaker has spoken — as they did during this session. Even after repeated warnings for civility by Moncrief, the protesters — many who hailed from Dallas, where shouting and interruptions are a mainstay during their municipal proceedings — were not accustomed to the more relaxed non-confrontational Fort Worth approach. In the end, Moncrief was forced to summon the marshals and remove the disrespecting annoyance. View the video here.

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